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REBRANDED   ----->

Like many other industries, the Victorian Taxi and Hire Car Industry has been disrupted by the introduction and concept of the Sharing Economy.  

The Directors of Trade Promotions Pty Ltd (publishers of Taxi Talk magazine) believe that to remain competitive and relevant to this industry – the commercial passenger vehicle industry – it is time for Taxi Talk – Voice of the Taxi Industry to be rebranded.

It is with some sadness that we farewell the end of an era, an era of 51 years to be exact, that Taxi Talk – Voice of the Taxi Industry had been reporting on the ins and outs of the Victorian taxi industry.  The April 2017 edition was the final Taxi Talk to be printed.

We didn’t sell Taxi Talk magazine, we have simply rebranded it DRIVE A2B - Voice of the Victorian Point-to-Point Transport Industry, to keep it current and competitive with this digital age we are living in.

DRIVE A2B magazine will be providing more news for taxis, hire cars, suppliers, service providers and, dare I say it, ride sourcing providers and drivers.  It will be published by Trade Promotions Pty Ltd and printed in Melbourne.

We welcome everyone’s thoughts, comments and ideas for DRIVE A2B magazine.




Taxi Talk, Voice of the Taxi Industry - issue #575 May 2016, celebrated our 50th year anniversary!  What an achievement - what a milestone - 50 years!

Over the past 51 years there have been many and varied changes within the Victorian Taxi Industry, legislation implementation, livery, uniforms, depots and Taxi Talk has been there all the way reporting on all that has been happening.